Ultra Low Res Studio



Interactive stage art



projection mapping, depth camera, social media

Stage was commissioned by Code & Supply for their first Abstractions developers' conference. The organizers needed a sculptural element for their keynote stage that could achieve two goals. The first was to create a dynamic backdrop to their internationally recognized keynote speakers. The second was to entertain the 1500 attendees throughout the conference weekend.

The piece encourages interactivity in two ways; by incorporating a live Twitter feed and by allowing visitors to manipulate the motion of the resulting particle system. 


The system listens to the conference hashtag and pulls in the profile picture and attached image from any tweet containing the conference hashtag #abstractions. It then transform's the image's pixels into a collection of spheres that slowly float into existing visualization.

Installation view at Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, OH.

The speed of the visualization can be slowed down during presentations. This time-lapse shows the visualization evolve over the course of two hours.


Visitors can manipulate the motion of the entire system by interacting directly with the skeleton tracking system located in front of the stage.