Ultra Low Res Studio

CLP Lightwall

CLP Lightwall

Generative, extensible light installation


computational design, generative software, LEDs

The Lightwall at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Knoxville was designed and built to for the changing needs of the library. Using the 700 individually controlled LEDs seamlessly integrated into the perforated facade screen, the constantly evolving installation engages the surrounding community while enlivening the street-facing facade of the historically significant building. 

Edge Studio :: GBBN Architects brought us into the design process with a desire to integrate a dynamic, interactive lighting system into their parametrically-designed facade. Our final design consists of two functionalities, both of which are folded into a custom piece of software developed for the project. 


When not actively engaged the Lightwall runs a generative, constantly evolving animation program. The animation program consists of several autonomous agents interacting with each other within a fluid simulation. The resulting light output feels natural, engaging and un-obtrusive. 


The Lightwall also includes an interactive element. In an effort to keep the installation relevant and extensible over the course of its lifetime, we implemented an API that would allow both visitors to the library and educators to control the wall through new applications.